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Cycling in the UK

Posted by ukactivities on July 11, 2009

The UK is a great location for cycling, with thousands of cycling routes and clearly marked lanes for cyclists.

Why cycling is great

  • Cycling improves cardiovascular fitness and general health. Plus it’ll tone up the muscles in your legs.
  • Cycling is relaxing and enjoyable – especially with others.
  • Beat the rat race and get to work without worrying about train delays or traffic jams
  • You’ll get to see some great locations in the UK

There are plenty of other reasons too – so what are you waiting for?

Buying a bicycle

Follow our tips for buying a new bicycle:

  • Spend as much as you can afford
  • Read up before going to the shop and go well armed with information
  • Get a properly sized bike
  • Keep an inch clearance between the bike’s top tube and your nether regions
  • Get the right saddle for your shape
  • Check the gears are correct for you – if unsure ask the retailer
  • Steer clear of second hand unless you know what to look for or have a friend who can help you

Where to cycle

There are lots of cycling locations in the UK.  Try our cycling routes website for more details.

Other great sites include:

Cycling permit

Don’t forget – to cycle on some British canalways you may need a permit.

If you are unsure, go here for more information.

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Walking in the UK

Posted by ukactivities on June 5, 2009

The UK is one of the most scenic countries in the world so why not enjoy it’s green pastures and get walking. Not only is walking cheap, it requires no equipment and it’ll keep you fit two. The health benefits of walking are numerous; from helping with obesity to type 2 diabetes, it’s something you should be doing as a matter of course. And it’s fun too! has a great directory of uk walks as well as tips on walking fitness and interesting golf articles. Make the most of the countryside – and the summer – and get walking now.

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Golfing in the UK

Posted by ukactivities on June 5, 2009

The UK is where golfing began, in Scotland to be precise. These days the country is home to over 2500 golf courses and 1000 driving ranges so you’re never far from a course.

If you think golf is a rich man’s game then you’re mistaken – starter sets can be purchased for as littler as £100 and you really don’t need to dress like a golfer to enjoy a game. Municipal courses are usually publically owned and don’t require membership. Save the better courses for when your skills – and your bank balance – can handle it. has a comprehensive directory of golf courses, driving ranges and related hotels (giving distance so you can see which hotel is nearest) for your golfing pleasure. So what are you waiting for? Get golfing while the weather is great!

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